The Spider Reviews

The most horrifying story about what money can buy that you will ever read…As gripping as the documentary series Filthy Rich and adding previously unreported details to the well-known story. Levine offers an unblinking and readable account of how the world’s most flagrant pedophile made his money — and just what he did with it. To have the truth laid out so thoroughly and indelibly feels something like a form of justice both for his scores of victims and his many disgusting pals…It is essential that (the stories of the women involved) be told with understanding and without prurience, as Levine does here.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Barry Levine, author of The Spider, has been investigating the allegations at the heart of these cases.”
ABC’s Good Morning America

“[The Spider] delves into the late financier and convicted sex offender’s criminal web.”
Vanity Fair

“An exhaustively detailed look at the life, death, and alleged crimes of Epstein, along with his years-long friendship with Trump in the 1990s and early 2000s—and how Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency ultimately helped expose Epstein.”

New York Post

“Bombshell allegations…an in-depth investigation.”
The London Sun

“More damaging revelations for the royal [Prince Andrew] in Pulitzer-nominated author’s new book.”
Daily Mail

“Legendary reporter Barry Levine has added to the Jeffrey Epstein canon with his new tome, The Spider.”
Toronto Sun

All The President's Women Reviews

“Barry Levine…and Monique El-Faizy are well placed to write this alarming book…Their book is lurid [and] informative…All the President’s Women is breezy but heavy.”
— The Guardian

“What emerges from this compendium of reporting are disturbing patterns of predatory behavior from a man who uses wealth and power to abuse women, as well as deep insight to the cultural forces that have allowed such predators to operate free of consequences.”

“A thorough… history of Trump’s behavior toward women..[All the President’s Women] elicits disgust and anger…assembl(ing) Trump’s cruelties and transgressions into one neat volume.”
— The Washington Post

“An in-depth exploration of Trump’s tendency to objectify the women who cross his path…Explosive…The most powerful element of the book, however, is the index included at its conclusion: a list of the many, many women who have come forward to claim that Trump mistreated them. The accounts vary; the theme does not…The book also offers damning evidence, collectively, of Trump’s lifelong treatment of women as playthings; it could operate just as readily as a textbook on the workings of rape culture.”

“A searing account…An incredible tale and a necessary…volume of (Trump’s) improprieties.”
—AOL Build

“It is (the) narration, combined with a stunning 43 new allegations of Trump’s sexual misconduct, that makes All the President’s Women such an impactful read. Levine and El-Faizy painstakingly document Trump’s decades-long history of treating women as objects and accessories.”
— The Huffington Post

All the President’s Women shows the most powerful rapist in the world should be seen as a predator first, and a president second…Maybe this the book that will change everything…Compelling.”
—Jessica Valenti,

“A thorough and disturbing rundown of President Trump’s attitudes toward and interactions with women…This somber narrative makes a strong case that Trump’s history of sexual misconduct goes far beyond ‘locker room talk.’”
— Publishers Weekly

“Perhaps for some readers, seeing every public and alleged instance of Trump’s sexism laid out in one place will be the jolt they need to reignite a healthy sense of outrage. But All the President’s Women also makes the case that a lot of Trump’s behavior is already normalized, which is how he’s gotten away with it for so long…Worthwhile reporting.”

“An exhaustive …compendium…With so many horrific anecdotes one after the other, the through line of the story is…the unrepentant predator.”

“Perhaps the power of All the President’s Women may best be summed up on page 250. In an appendix titled ‘All the President’s Women A to Z,’ the authors list, one by one, each accusation of improper behavior against Trump. It’s 56 pages long.”
— The Wrap